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Alix Wilson
Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco wilsonali@century21accessmex.com (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 33 1265 5078
  One of Lakeside’s leading real estate agents, Alix Wilson has an enviable reputation of record-breaking sales success founded on her straightforward approach, her intrinsic understanding of people and her specialized customer service. Well known for her individualized high level of service to vendors and buyers, Alix rates communication as a vital key to successful sales results. Taking the time to listen and respond to her clients’ needs, Alix brings an individual approach to each pro
Monico Gutierrez Tejeda
Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco monico@chapalarealtors.com 01 (376) 766-7000 331-570-8962
Born and raised in Chapala, Jalisco. He lived in California for 4 years. Later he got married and now has 2 beautiful daughters and three dogs. Mónico has a degree in Business Administration, specialized on Human Resources. He worked on one of the biggest chain store of Chapala and he has always had his own small business sales related. He enjoys meeting new people and he´s proud of being part of the team. In his free time he likes playing chess, cooking, taking long walks and he wants to play
Dwight McLelland
Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco dwight@chapalarealtors.com 01 (376) 766-7000 333-570-2632
Originally from the Great White North, Calgary, Canada, Dwight’s main purpose has always been “Helping YOU”.Whether it’s been thirty years as a Doctor of Chiropractic, seven years as a Franchise Business owner or twelve years as a REALTOR®, investor, home stager and renovator, Dwight’s focus has consistently been on his clients needs and wants.Certified as a Condominium Specialist and Accredited Buyer’s Representative, Dwight’s varied real estate and business acumen enables him
Claudia Cervantes
Morelos 4, Ajijic, Jalisco claudia@ajijic.com (376) 766-2077 (331) 573-4232
Nací y crecí en Ajijic. Estudié derecho en la Universidad de Guadalajara. Soy una persona objetiva, perseverante, responsable y confiable. Sé escuchar a las personas y entender sus necesidades. Tengo varios años de experiencia en ventas y trato al cliente.Mi objetivo es desarrollar una carrera en bienes inmuebles. Dame la oportunidad de ayudarte, no te decepcionaré. I was born and raised in Ajijic. I studied law at the University of Guadalajara. I am an objective, persevering, responsible
Moises Aguilar
Constitución #14, Ajijic, Jalisco moy@chapalarealtors.com 01 (376) 766-7000 335-331-2611
Moy is originally from Chapala and he has lived his entire life in the area. He studied Psychology and Flight Attendants. He was working at the Mexico City Airport for 1 year. He has enough experience in customer service, having worked in the banking environment at BBVA, ACTINVER and CI BANCO. Speaking about the real estate environment, he was an assistant of 2 different Brokers, having the opportunity to work as a real estate advisor for the last few years. 5 years obtaining very good results!
Carlos Eduardo Díaz Medina
Ocampo #49, Ajijic, Jalisco charliie_dm@hotmail.com (376) 766 3654 (+52) 331-396-2271
Carlos Eduardo Díaz Medina was born in Guadalajara Jalisco and grew up in the beautiful town of Ajijic. He is a very committed, responsible person, with very well defined principles and goals, he feels lucky to live in the beautiful region of Lake Chapala, to enjoy the traditions and the people that form part of it.He began to work as a personal trainer in a gym at age 17, with his current 7 years of experience as a trainer he has been able to meet and deal with all kinds of people, helping the
Argos Rendon
Hidalgo #223, Chapala, Jalisco argoscoldwellbanker@gmail.com (376) 765-3676 or (376) 766-1152 (33) 1228-8795
Su amigo en los bines raices I am a Mexican citizen and have worked in sales all my life, I’ve been living in Chapala (The World’s Best Climate) for over 20 years, I am at your service for all your questions and needs, come to the lake area you will not regret it!
Antje Groppe with Ambiance Fine Homes
Encarnacion Rosas 69, Ajijic, Jalisco antjegroppe@yahoo.com +52 (376) 766-3701 +52 (33) 3170-4880
Originally from Germany, living in different parts of Mexico, and since 1995 at Lakeside, working at her family’s business in development and building, as well as a Broker and agent.She also offers administration, maintenance for individual homes as well as Condominiums, and renovations, among other services her clients might need.
Priscila Benavides
Constitución #14, Ajijic, Jalisco priscila@chapalarealtors.com 01 (376) 766-7000 333-317-7870
Born and raised in Guadalajara, I lived for a few years in Colorado during most part of elementary school where I learned English. I am a biotechnology engineer, and have worked in the beauty industry in project management for 3 years.  Thanks to my background in project management, bilingual skills and my love for helping people, I can give you unique experience in helping you find a home you will love. 
Michaela Sirbu
Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro, Chapala, Jalisco. C.P. 45920, Chapala, Jalisco michaela@chapalarealtors.com 376-766-7000 333-141-5979
I moved to Ajijic in 2010 from London, Ontario after attending a Focus on Mexico group tour.  After 12 years of working in Air Traffic Services in Canada, I ended up with severe back pain which I was able to heal naturally with Pilates, Yoga and healthy food.  Over the next 20 years I helped thousands of people develop healthier lifestyles and stronger bodies using Pilates, Yoga, Theta Healing, and improved diets.  Ajijic is one of the most beautiful places on earth, a place where dreams come
José Orozco
Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco joseorozco@century21accessmex.com (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 33 1533 2659
I was born in Guadalajara, Jal., I grew up in Mexico City. I studied Business Administration at the Universidad Iberoamericana. I have a master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Southern California (USC). Bilingual, Spanish and English. I have extensive professional experience in areas such as Finance, Administration and Sales. I have worked in different Mexican and international companies. As a NACOBRE Group, AT & T, ALCATEL. I was president of the Mexican Bas
Juan Pablo Rivera Cordova
Plaza Centro Laguna L7, San Antonio Tlayacapan,Jalisco, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco jp@lloydajijic.com 3767664626 3315668315
Christian E. Harris
Plaza Centro Laguna L7, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco christian@lloydajijic.com (376) 766-4626 or USA 213 283 6102 333-390-3153
Christian was born and raised in Germany. He has 30 years experience in Real Estate. After his studies, he opened his own Real Estate Company in Spain in 1991 which he ran successfully for almost 20 years.Thereafter he was engaged in private investments in the Caribbean for 6 years.He came to live and work as a Realtor at Lakeside in 2014.Christian is happy to assist you in finding the right property to purchase and is also very motivated in finding you an appropriate buyer if you want/need
Rebeca Garcia
Morelos 4, Ajijic, Jalisco rebeca@ajijic.com (376) 766-2077 (333) 507-3024
Paty Becerra
Carr. Chapala-Ajijic #36-38, Ajijic, Jalisco patriciabecerra30@yahoo.com (376) 766-2103 (33) 3814-4663
Patricia Becerra, born and raised at Lake Chapala, has been involved in Real Estate for the past 18 years, starting as a receptionist, progressing to Office Manager, and currently a Realtor at Hernandez Real Estate. Her favorite studies are archaeology and history. She loves traveling and has been to Paris, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Canada, California, El Salvador, Guatemala, and, of course, throughout Mexico. Her next trips will be to Germany and Switzerland, but she’ll also be returning to Brazi
Lori Fjelsted
Lazaro Cardenas 50, Ajijic, Jalisco lori.fjelsted@gmail.com 3313650558 (331)-365-0558
Few experiences give me more pleasure than to see the delight on my clients’ faces when they seal the deal on a home sale or purchase. I am in the realty business because I enjoy working with people and helping them achieve their dreams, whether it’s selling their beloved home or buying a new one. I've traveled the world and have learned that no matter the county, city or town, people think of their home as more than a building – it’s their sanctuary and an expression of who they are. Fo
Alejandra Arredondo
Morelos 4, Ajijic, Jalisco alejandra@ajijic.com (376) 766-2077 (333) 956 9013
Alejandra es nativa de Ajijic, es abogada con una amplia experiencia profesional en ventas y administración desde 1998, su conocimiento de esta área lo ayudará con todas sus necesidades de bienes raíces residenciales.Ya sea que esté comprando o vendiendo, ella trabajará incansablemente para promover sus mejores intereses.Alejandra is an Ajijic Native, she is an Attorney with extensive professional background in sales and management since 1998, her knowledge of this area will assist you wit
Michael Cothran
Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco michael@chapalarealtors.com 01 (376) 766-7000 331-255-2675
Michael was born and raised in Kentucky and educated both there and in Tennessee. After university Michael moved to Dallas, Texas, where he met his wife Carolyn. His love for real estate began at an early age. In Dallas while practicing Optometry for 27 years, he also pursued his other professional passion: residential real estate investing. In all, Michael and Carolyn successfully bought and sold thirteen different properties.That experience taught Michael how to identify the best investment an
Mike Smith
San Luis #449A, Chapala, Jalisco mike7129@yahoo.com 3767661737 3313888484
Veronica Navarro
Carr. Oriente #57 Int. 1, Ajijic, Jalisco ivttj@msn.com (376) 766-1186 333 380 4377
It's my joy to work in real estate 4 years in real estate. I have found that working for real estate has given me great personal satisfaction, but my biggest goal is that I love helping my customers find what they've always dreamed of.

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