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1st Choice Homes Lakeside
  (376) 766-1737 or 331 388-8484
   San Luis #449A, Chapala Office Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 10-2 Sun. Closed, Chapala, Jalisco

Listing (2)   |   Company Info
Access Lake Chapala
   Ocampo #49, Ajijic, 45900, Jalisco

Access Lake Chapala Real Estate is passionate about what we do, and most of all about the Lake Chapala area. We are one of the most unique, diverse and fastest growing Real Estate companies in the Lakeside area, we have been in business since 2010 and have hundreds of homes in our ...

Listing (49)   |   Company Info
Ajijic Real Estate
  (376) 766-2077
   Morelos #4, Ajijic Office Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 9-2 Sun. 11-3, Ajijic, Jalisco

Ajijic Real Estate was recipient of the "Best of the Best" award as the best real estate company Lakeside! This is a coveted distinction that the agents and staff worked hard to earn. When selecting a Realtor you can rest assured in the knowledge that you have truly chosen "The Best" ...

Listing (25)   |   Company Info
Ambiance Fine Homes
  +52 (376) 766 3701
   Encarnacion Rosas 69 - 1, Ajijic, 45920, Jalisco

Company bio here.

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Biencom Real Estate
  (376) 766-1186
   Carr. Oriente #57 Int. 1, Ajijic Plaza, Ajijic Office Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 9-2 Sun. 11-3, Ajijic, Jalisco, Ajijic, 45915, Jalisco

 "We are in the business of creating clients for life"
            Biencom's business model is to provide a complete solution for all your Real Estate needs when relocating to, around or away from the Lake Chapala region of Jalisco.  We are composed of a small but effective team of highly ...

Listing (25)   |   Company Info
Camino al Lago Realty
  (376) 688-2808
   Ramón Corona #7A, Ajijic, 45920, Jalisco

Somos un equipo inmobiliario con el lema de servicio, atención y eficiencia, con más de 10 años de experiencia. Conocedores de toda la Ribera de Chapala,100% Chapalenses siempre tratando de hacer de nuestro servicio una experiencia cálida y confiable.

Listing (3)   |   Company Info
Century 21 AccessMex
  +52 (376) 766-2612 or 766-2613 or 766-26
   Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Ajijic Office Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 9-2 Sun. 12-3, Ajijic, 45900, Jalisco

                                   We are a Mexican Company, operating in the Lakeside Real Estate Market since September 19th, 1979, and as part of the CENTURY 21 International System since November 15th, 1989. We are the second established Real ...

Listing (129)   |   Company Info
Chapala Properties
  +52 376 688 1725
   Carr. Poniente #262, Plaza La Huerta, Ajijic, 45920, Jalisco

“Tengo  alma de mercader y es por eso que disfruto lo que hago. Trabajo como un sastre ofreciendo el servicio a la medida. Estoy interesada en comprender las necesidades de mis clientes y centrar mi trabajo en encontrar el espacio ideal que están buscando, más allá de mis intereses económicos. Vender ...

Listing (20)   |   Company Info
Chapala Realtors
  01 (376) 766-7000
   Constitucion 14, Ajijic, 45920, Jalisco

   Congratulations on making the wonderful decision to move to Lake Chapala and start a new exciting life adventure!! CHAPALA REALTORS multiplies efforts to Sell/ Find you a home. We always have an agent available to serve you. We deliver an efficient full suite of services incluiding one-on-one consultation time with you to field ...

Listing (67)   |   Company Info
Chapalajara Bienes Raices
  (376) 106-1206 or (376) 766 36 10
   Carr. Poniente #63 and #65 Plaza Hacienda Ajijic Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico C.P. 45920, Ajijic, Jalisco

Damos Asesoría, Promoción, Administración, Construcción y Remodelación de Bienes Raices. Ubicados y Especializados en la Ribera de Chapala, específicamente en Ajijic, corazón del movimiento y mayor oferta de servicios comerciales, turísticos y sociales. Nuestra especialidad (de ahí el nombre "Chapalajara") es atender al mercado nacional; principalmente el mercado de Guadalajara.  El ...

Listing (62)   |   Company Info
Coldwell Banker
  (376) 765-3676 or 765-2877
   Hildalgo 223, Chapala Office Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 9-1 Sun. Closed, Chapala, Jalisco

All of us at Coldwell Banker want to congratulate you for looking into Mexico's largest North American retirement community. As the first established real estate company in the area, we have introduced many to our local idyllic scene. We feel this is what we do best, showing you what graceful and ...

Listing (48)   |   Company Info
Coldwell Banker (Ajijic)
  (376) 766-1152 or 766-3369
   Colon 2-A, Ajijic Office Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 9-1 Sun. Closed, Ajijic, Jalisco

This is a Satellite Office, Click here to View Coldwell Bankers Listings and Agents. All of us at Coldwell Banker want to congratulate you for looking into Mexico's largest North American retirement community.     Our sale associates love their life here and just like you, they once had the same questions and concerns ...

Listing (0)   |   Company Info
Collins Real Estate
  376) 766-4197
   Km 5 Carretera Chapala Jocotepec 160 - A Office Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 10-3 Sun. Closed, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco

 I'm glad you have taken the time to visit my website. By way of introduction, my name is Kevin Collins. I am a Canadian. I have lived in the Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico area since 1994. If experience counts for anything I have sold more real estate in the Ajijic, Lake ...

Listing (1)   |   Company Info
Continental Realty
  (376) 766-1994 or 766-2415
   Colón #1 Office Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 9-2 Sun. Closed, Ajijic, Jalisco

Continental Realty is located in the heart of Ajijic on Lake Chapala,in Jalisco, Mexico. Our goal is to provide the highest level of real estate services to buyers and sellers in the Lake Chapala area. To accomplish this, our experienced sales staff is charged with the responsibility of providing professional services ...

Listing (5)   |   Company Info
Eager Realty
  (376) 766-1917 or 766-1918
   Donato Guerra #16 Office Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 9-1 Sun. Closed, Ajijic, Jalisco

Eager & Associates is proud to serve the Lake Chapala area of Mexico, as the premium Real Estate service for citizens of Canada, the U.S.A. and México. We know the Ajijic, Chapala, and Jocotepec areas well, and everything in between. We know the houses that are available and which are worth considering. To ...

Listing (9)   |   Company Info
Fénix Real Estate
  (376) 766-1776
   Carr. Chapala-Jocotepec #159-A San Antonio Tlay. Jalisco, Mexico Office Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 9-1 Sun. Closed, Chapala, 45980, Jalisco

Fenix is the Spanish word for Phoenix, the legendary bird dramatically reborn from the ashes of its previous existence. Thus, the Fenix symbolizes the rebirth and promise of better things that comes with any move, especially one as positive as relocating to beautiful, idyllic Lakeside Chapala area. We work with thousands ...

Listing (27)   |   Company Info
Grupo Interlago
  (376) 766-2944
   Carr. Chapala Jocotecpec 527-3 Office Hours: M-F 10-5 Sat. 10 - 4 Sun. Closed, Ajijic, 45920, Jalisco

At Grupo Interlago, We are a team of real estate professionals; our main goal is to solve our clients needs. Therefore, we always seek for the best areas with the best offers in the real estate market. We provide professional assistance in home rentals and purchase opportunities. We are licensed real ...

Listing (1)   |   Company Info
Hernandez Realty Group
  (376) 766-2103 or 766-5122
   Carr. Chapala-Ajijic #36-38, Next to WalmartOffice Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 9-1 Sun. Closed, Ajijic, Jalisco

We are a team of professionals providing quality representation to real property in the Lake Chapala area of Mexico.
We offer a practical approach with consistent, genuine and friendly service in representing our clients’ interests.
We achieve our vision by helping our clients realize their dreams of home and ...

Listing (26)   |   Company Info
Lago Montaña Real Estate
  (376) 108 2657
   Carretera Poniente #11- A, Ajijic, 45920, Jalisco

En Lago Montaña Real Estate nos ocupamos en satisfacer las necesidades del cliente con un servicio de calidad para poder asesorarlos de la mejor manera y lograr el objetivo deseado.

Listing (22)   |   Company Info
Lake Chapala Real Estate
  (376) 766-4540 or 766-4530
   Vonage United States (845) 750 6495 Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 9-1 Sun. Closed Constitución #26, Ajijic, 45920, Jalisco

Welcome to Lake Chapala Real Estate
One visit to our little paradise can change your life forever!

Discovering Lake Chapala, Mexico has been the answer for many Americans, Canadians and Europeans looking for a new life.
If you are ready for a change, ready for an adventure, ready for near ...

Listing (83)   |   Company Info