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Lake Chapala Real Estate
Lake Chapala Real Estate
Constitución 26, Ajijic, Jalisco, 45920
Vonage United States (845) 750 6495 Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 9-1 Sun. Closed

Welcome to Lake Chapala Real Estate
One visit to our little paradise can change your life forever!

Discovering Lake Chapala, Mexico has been the answer for many Americans, Canadians and Europeans looking for a new life.
If you are ready for a change, ready for an adventure, ready for near perfect weather all year, ready to be embraced by a warm and welcoming Mexican and English community, and ready for a lower cost of living, then maybe you too are ready to choose Chapala!
Lake Chapala Real Estate is the fastest growing, most efficient customer friendly company in Ajijic. Established in October 2007, we currently list 100+ homes for sale plus many other opportunities to buy in the developments we market.

We offer:
Courtesy Orientation tour of the area
Custom home tours
• Use of our computers, printers, scanners, laminators and office supplies
• Use of our Vonage long distance phone
• Help with Spanish translation

If a new client is unfamiliar with the area, we provide a Courtesy Orientation Tour. The tour includes not only the various villages, developments and neighborhoods that dot the north shore of Lake Chapala, but also an idea of the caliber of restaurants, shops, services and amenities available at Lakeside. Clients obtain a solid overview of what living at Lakeside is all about. Then back to our beautiful garden for drinks and an opportunity to answer more questions. We match you with an agent, set you up at our computer and guide you through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The agent will assist you in finding the homes that best fit your requirements and print flyers. No pressure, no obligation.


Company's Properties
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Company's Agents
askannette@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 332-971-8011
After 30 years of working in real estate, non-profit and management in the US, Canada, Haiti and China, I moved with my husband and parents to Ajijic, Mexico and I love it. I take great care of my clients and treat them like family, you tell me what you want, I’ll listen carefully and always act in your best interest. I enjoy real estate because I enjoy helping people and it enables me to financ READ MORE
Bertha Chavez
askbertha@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 331-669-7133
I was born here in the village of Ajijic. My husband and I are Mexicans and I am the mother of 3 and a grandmother of 3 beautiful grand children. I began my career in real estate in 1985, first as a receptionist and then selling properties in 1997 and expanded as well to rentals and property management. My extensive experience is available to help you find your dream home!  READ MORE
Claudette Champagne
claudette_champagne@hotmail.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 (33) 1418-1716
A seasoned Canadian real estate agent of over 32 years in the Toronto residential carriage and boutique income properties, Claudette brings not only her polished sales skills but an excellent eye for renovation projects – hers and her clients. Retirement was not in the cards for Claudette when she arrived at Lakeside in 2001.  As an accomplished artist she became involved in the art scene, bou READ MORE
Guillermo Blanco
askguillermo@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4540 or 766-4530 (331)-699-1839
Jason Taylor
askjason@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 331-447-7443
Born and raised in Toronto I moved to Mexico in 2007. My mother had moved here in 1999 and on one my trips to visit her I fell in love with the area and soon began to lay my roots here! I married an amazing Mexican woman (Ana Paula) and we have 2 beautiful sons. I ended up owning a small Cantina (then called Café Adelita) which has since grown to be one the most successful restaurants in the are READ MORE
Jeff McGaver
askjeff@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 333-407-8839
Originally from Wisconsin Jeff McGaver lived in Los Angeles for 30 years. In 2005, work took him back to the Midwest where he called Chicago home until 2010. He and his partner tired of the hustle and bustle of city life so Jeff took early retirement from the airline industry and they purchased a hobby farm back in Wisconsin. After completely remodeling their 100 year old farm house and preparing READ MORE
Jenni Hernandez
askjennifer@choosechapala.com Constitucion #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 331-409-5358
Jimena Callejas
askjimena@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 (333) 505-2849
Jimena is originally from Colombia but moved to the States as a child. She lived in Texas for many years prior to moving to Ajijic. She holds a Texas Real Estate License and is passionate about her job and enjoys helping people with all there real estate needs. READ MORE
Judit Rajhathy
rajhathy@gmail.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 331-395-9849
Judit was born in Budapest Hungary but emigrated with her family to Canada during the 1956 Revolution.  She attended Carleton University in Ottawa and moved to Nova Scotia where she raised her family.  It was during this time that Judit became an active part of the real estate world.  She became an agent first and then went on to buy, renovate and sell her own properties. As a result of a heal READ MORE
Kristina Morgan (Broker)
askkristina@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 +52 331-305-9974 MX, +1 901-949-3383 US
Kristina’s background reads like a checklist for the ideal Lake Chapala realtor. She brings almost two decades of familiarity with the area, and U.S. licenses as a Realtor, Broker and General Contractor and she is bilingual. She has an uncanny people sense when it comes to home-to-owner matchmaking.Kristina’s entire family moved to Lakeside in the early ‘90s and are well-known as “old-time READ MORE
Maggie Quiroz
askmaggie@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco 387-763-0911 331-807-7313
Margartia Quiroz Acosta was born in Culiacan Sinaloa, in the northwest of Mexico. She studied Education at Escuela Normal de Sinaloa, graduating when she was only 18 years old. Her teaching career began at the State of Puebla, as a part of the Federal System of Secretaria de Educacion Publica. After two years, she returned to Sinaloa to continue teaching in a public school for the next 6 years. M READ MORE
Michaela Sirbu
askmichaela@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4540 333-141-5979
Michaela moved to Ajijic in 2010 from London, Ontario, after attending a Focus on Mexico tour group.  She is a Pilates, Yoga, and Theta Healing Instructor and her passion is helping people live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. "Ajijic is one of the most beautiful places on earth! Working with Lake Chapala Real Estate provides me the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world who READ MORE
Paola De Watterlot
askpaola@choosechepala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-766-4530 & 4540 (33) 1520-4173
Paola was born in Guadalajara to French-Canadian, Mexican parents. She grew up in Ajijic and was very involved in the town's traditions. She loves watching her three awesome boys grow and develop values and life goals. Paola takes great enjoyment from her family and career.She recognizes and values the trust her clients have with her and strives each day to exceed their expectations. Paola has sev READ MORE
Paty Lopez
askpaty@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 (331) 175-9632
Paty was raised in Tepic, Nayarit.  She is the mother of two daughters, one son and a grandmother of three boys.  Paty has 20 years of real estate experience at Lakeside, so she clearly enjoys what she does – finding the perfect home for her clients!  READ MORE
Pepe Mora
askpepe@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-766-4530 & 4540 33-10-22-24-47
Pepe is an active architect a native of Chapala, ever since he was a child he always managed to discover new houses and buildings, perhaps of his natural born attraction to architecture and design. He grew up in the family business where he learned the worth of being a persistent man. As a student, he obtained a degree of Architect by the Centro Universitario de Arte, Arquitecura y Diseño of Univ READ MORE
Raúl González
askteamraul@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4540 or 766-4530 331-437-0925
A Guadalajara Native, Raul Gonzalez was raised and educated in México City where he obtained a degree as a Chemical Engineer. His successes working with BF Goodrich led to marketing opportunities, forming a background for diverse free-lance work and business ownership experience before electing Real Estate as a Career. He is Bilingual & Certified to Sell Real Estate in Mexico and he started w READ MORE
Rene Ochoa
askrene@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 331-599-3842
René is truly a Renaissance man!  A Guadalajara native who obtained a degree in Marketing in Guadalajara and a diploma in Business Management in Paris.  In college he was elected Student Body President, and if that did not keep him busy enough, also worked for a Marketing firm in Social Media, developing strategies for a diverse set of clients; political parties and actors!  All excellent oppo READ MORE
Stephen Hunter
askstephen@choosechapala.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco 376 766 1133
Stephen was a Commercial Real Estate Broker in Toronto for 25 years. READ MORE
Ted Baehr
ted@baehrgroup.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4530 or 766-4540 +52 331-911-6453 MX, +1 805 564-3700 US
Ted Baehr is a licensed California Real Estate Broker who moved to Ajijic in January of 2019. Being a recent retiree after selling the Santa Barbara Lifestyle for over 30 years, Ted has decided to help others assimilate to the greater Lake Chapala lifestyle. “I was attracted to Ajijic because of the similar weather to Santa Barbara, the exceedingly beautiful Spanish people, their relaxed culture READ MORE
Trudie Nelson
TrudieNelson@gmail.com Constitución #26, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766-4540 331 074 33 08
 A 20yr resident & 15yrs Experience in local real estate market, originally from Toronto. Graduate interior designer. She and her husband have renovated and built many homes. She brings the unique experience and expertise to share with you. Trudie is deeply involved in the Community with time & contributions to education and the Ajijic Central Plaza gardens through the garden club. READ MORE

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