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Chapala Realtors
Chapala Realtors
Constitucion #14, Ajijic, Jalisco, 45920


 Congratulations on making the wonderful decision to move to Lake Chapala and start a new exciting life adventure!!

CHAPALA REALTORS multiplies efforts to Sell/ Find you a home. We always have an agent available to serve you. We deliver an efficient full suite of services incluiding one-on-one consultation time with you to field your questions or concerns without distraction, so you should never feel neglected.

 You’ll enjoy the weather, scenery, culture, food, festivals, beverages, activities and laid back atmosphere. In other words, you’ll fall in love and you won’t leave.


Company's Properties
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Company's Agents
Alejandra Lazcano
alejandra@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 331-537-8437
Alejandra was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco and raised in Ajijic by her parents, her Dad originally from Ajijic and her Mother was from Arandas, Jalisco. Through high school her studies were at different schools in Chapala, then in 1995 Alejandra moved to Guadalajara to study the career of Public Accountant at the UNIVER. By the end of the year 2000, she emigrated to Austin, Texas to live with her READ MORE
Alonso Sánchez
alonso@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 332-803-4585
Alonso was born in Guadalajara but he have been living in the area of Chapala for the past 30 years. Part of his family is from Chapala and they’re a well-known family in the area. He studied International Business in the University of Guadalajara, also studied a specialty in Finance and another specialty in Logistics and Supply Chain at the TEC de Monterrey (Guadalajara campus).  He’s a ve READ MORE
Ana Kabande
ana@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 331-862-2820
Ana was born in Guadalajara where her twin boys are currently living and attending university. She moved to Ajijic in 2005 and shortly thereafter, started working for Focus On Mexico, a local company that helps foreigners move to Mexico through learning adventures. She also maintains her own concierge service, offering tours, translation and more. Ana loves photography and finds Lakeside offers READ MORE
Anastasia Boyd
boyd.dryden@gmail.com Constitución #14, Ajijic, Jalisco 52(376)766-7000 52-331-311-7806
Anastasia is a highly motivated and service oriented person who has served the needs of hundreds of people for over half her life… you don’t stay in the Real Estate business that length of time if you are not successful. Her Real Estate career began in Ontario, Canada in 1976 and in 1981 she moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and continued for 31 years until moving to Lakeside in June of 2012 READ MORE
Anwar Kabande
anwar@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro, Chapala, Jalisco 376-766-7000 332-048-7425
Personnel My name is Anwar Kabande García, I was born in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, on April 13, 1972. I lived in Guadalajara Jalisco until I was 23 years old, I studied at the University of Guadalajara. Since I was a child, I was always restless and I liked the world of sports, especially motorcycling and motorsport. From my father, I developed a taste for business and commerce at a very young READ MORE
Augusto Peña
augusto@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro C.P.45920, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-766-7000 332-719-0149
I am originally from Torreon, Coahuila and for 18 years I have been actively involved in real estate since 2004. I have extensive experience in the marketing and closing specialist of subdivisions and condominiums of single-family and vertical housing, as well as specialization in mortgage financing.  My vocation is to advise and professionally serve my clients so that they achieve their objectiv READ MORE
Christine Louw
christinelouw@outlook.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro C.P.45920, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-766-7000 333-223-3111
After graduating in law at the University of Leyden in the Netherlands, Christine moved to Johannesburg South Africa where she married and had three children. The family visited the wonderful game reserves often and traveled to multiple other countries. Soon Christine decided to follow her passion for selling real estate and had her own successful agency for 8 years in Johannesburg until the fami READ MORE
Dalia Zepeda
dalia@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro,, Chapala, Jalisco 376-766-7000 331-112-3994
Dalia Zepeda is a Realtor specialized in listing and selling real estate in the Lake Chapala area in Jalisco Mexico. In her first year on selling Dalia sold 9 properties, on 3 of those sales she had both the seller and the buyer. She definitely started with the right foot! She has multiple contacts with the Mexican and also the foreign community. Dalia is very knowledgeable on the different form READ MORE
Diana Ramírez
diana@chapalarealtors.com Constitución #14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 331-173-3098
Diana is originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco where she received a degree in Communications from the University of Lamar Guadalajara. She worked 2 years as an administrative assistant at the Colegio de Corredores Publicos del Estado de Jalisco. After marrying a renowned attorney from the Notaria 2, she moved to the Lake Chapala area. In 2015, she was presented with the opportunity to work with the READ MORE
Doug Scott
doug@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 331-785-5703
Doug has spent most of his life in Western and Northern Canada.  A number of years ago him and his wife came down to the Lake Chapala area with Focus on Mexico.  They moved down lock, stock and barrel and have been Residente Permanente ever since.  They feel it was the best move they ever made and he’ll be more then happy to show you around and help you find your little “ piece of paradise READ MORE
Douglas Friend
douglasf@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro C.P.45920, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-766-7000 331-069-0084
My commitment to my clients has always been to put their interests and priorities first.  My work background is in sales, marketing, customer service and design & software engineering.  In the 90’s, I was VP of Marketing for a multi-million-dollar aerospace company, and in 1998, founded Register4Less, Inc, an ICANN accredited domain name registrar and full-service web and email hosting pro READ MORE
Dwight McLelland
dwight@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 333-570-2632
Originally from the Great White North, Calgary, Canada, Dwight’s main purpose has always been “Helping YOU”.Whether it’s been thirty years as a Doctor of Chiropractic, seven years as a Franchise Business owner or twelve years as a REALTOR®, investor, home stager and renovator, Dwight’s focus has consistently been on his clients needs and wants.Certified as a Condominium Specialist and READ MORE
Erika Alamos
erika@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01(376)766-7000 331-892-7208
Erika Alamos was born in Guadalajara and raised in the Lake side area. She is bi-lingual and learning a third language. She is proudly working as a Real Estate Agent at Chapala Realtors, where she also works as part of the office staff, fact that alouds her to be involved in different ways in almost every transaction that takes place at her office. She also takes Real Estate courses so she keeps u READ MORE
Gerry Fauchey
gerry@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro C.P.45920, Chapala, Jalisco 376-766-7000 331-409-2685
Just tell me what you need and I will find it for you. My family comes from Holland and moved to Mexico when I was a child. I studied Business Administration in Mexico City in the Universidad Iberoamericana and lived in Guadalajara for forty years, working as an entrepreneur and international consultant for Latin American companies. I have always been the champion defender of my clients and we a READ MORE
Inesa Manaj
inesa@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro, Jalisco C.P. 45920, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-766-7000 333-371-0213
I am a fully bilingual (English/Spanish) real estate agent and property investor with more than 10 years of experience. I moved from Canada to Lake Chapala in 2015 after falling in love with the weather and the stress free nature of the town. Having built, bought and remodeled various properties in different states  of Mexico, I can guide you through the process of buying or selling and also co READ MORE
Ivette Hernández
ivette@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro C.P.45920, Chapala, Jalisco 376-766-7000 333-965-2792
Ivette Hernández was born in Guadalajara, raised in Melaque Costa Alegre, lived in Texas , Guanajuato and in the last 8 years in Lake Chapala.  Ivette is an Insurance Broker with 10 years experience with the expertise in home Insurances. She has excellent relationships with local and foreign communities . Personal relationships are one of her strengths because she is very open and empathic. READ MORE
Jazmin Serrano
jazmin@chapalarealtors.com Constitución #14, Ajijic, Chapala, Jalisco 376-766-7000 331-117-3627
Born and raised by Mexican parents in Dodge City, Kansas, has led me to travel back and forth from the United States and Mexico all of my life. Being a Mexican American consists of knowing two very different nations and being raised with two different cultures. Grateful for everything I’ve learned in America, I am now taking the opportunity of coming back to my parent’s land in hope of being p READ MORE
Jesus Villa-Lobos
jesus@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro C.P.45920, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 +(52)333 662 1093
   My life's passion is helping people through providing trustworthy guidance and solving problems. As a specialized real estate attorney, I have the leverage to make things happen. I am proud to be part of Chapala Realtors, the premier real estate team on the shores of Lake Chapala. Our team is known for our high skill level, exceptional customer service and commitment to responsibility.   I READ MORE
Jose Ocegueda
jose@chapalarealtors.com Constitución #14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 332-648-6552
Jose was born in La Barca, Jalisco in 1961 and moved to Mexico City before his first birthday. He studied at Instituto Politecnico Nacional,with a degree as Tecnico en Comercio Exterior and 2 years career Licenciatura en Relaciones Comerciales. He moved to Guadalajara, Jal.in 1986. He worked in a Telecommunications company for 10 years offering audio, video and data services; He was admin. manager READ MORE
Juan Macias
juan@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01(376)766-7000 331-802-6806
Juan Macias, is originally from Guadalajara based in Ajijic far 20 years. With knowledge of the culture, traditions, gastronomy and tourist places of the area. Sustainable energy entrepre­neur, he is also a producer of wine, gastronomy, sports and cultural events. He is convinced that Rivera de Chapala is one of the best places to live. Being able to help clients find the best option and that th READ MORE
Julian Patrascu
patraulius@gmail.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro, Chapala, Jalisco 376-766-7000 +1 (714) 606-4082
Originally from Romania, Julian graduated from Romanian Merchant Marine - Ocean Fishing Enterprise Communications/Radio Officer Program.  After several voyages with the Merchant Marines he emigrated to the USA via Spain. He worked 16 years in Social Work for the County of Orange, California followed by 4 years as a Family Support Specialist for the State of Arkansas along with owning and operatin READ MORE
Katie Ibarra
katie@chapalarealtors.com Constitución #14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01(376)766-7000 331-803-9334
Katie lbarra is originally from Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. She became a permanent resident of Chapala in 2010. She speaks both English and Spanish. Katie has a passion for travel and has explored many countries/cultures. At the end of a trip, she is always grateful to return home to her adopted Chapala. She spent her first 8 years in Chapala working remotely as a project team manager for a U.S. comp READ MORE
Kimberly Montelo
kimberly@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro, Chapala, Jalisco 376-766-7000 332-962-1669
Delighted by the lake and mountains that surround Lake Chapala I stablished a strong connection and involvement with the community. My intimate knowledge of this locality, and personal experience of living here several years of my life, have provided me with the enthusiasm and the desire to make my home, your home.     READ MORE
Lisa Ball
lisa@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro, Jalisco C.P.45920, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-766-7000 333-352-6122 or +1 510-461-3713
Lisa was born and raised in San Francisco, California.  After obtaining her Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems, she went on to study and obtain her certification / license as a Court Reporter.  After working reporting depositions for a freelance firm for 10 years, she ventured out and started her own successful court reporting firm.  Having a strong entrepreneurial spirit and being a tr READ MORE
Michael Cothran
michael@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 331-255-2675
Michael was born and raised in Kentucky and educated both there and in Tennessee. After university Michael moved to Dallas, Texas, where he met his wife Carolyn. His love for real estate began at an early age. In Dallas while practicing Optometry for 27 years, he also pursued his other professional passion: residential real estate investing. In all, Michael and Carolyn successfully bought and sold READ MORE
Michaela Sirbu
michaela@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro, Chapala, Jalisco. C.P. 45920, Chapala, Jalisco 376-766-7000 333-141-5979
I moved to Ajijic in 2010 from London, Ontario after attending a Focus on Mexico group tour.  After 12 years of working in Air Traffic Services in Canada, I ended up with severe back pain which I was able to heal naturally with Pilates, Yoga and healthy food.  Over the next 20 years I helped thousands of people develop healthier lifestyles and stronger bodies using Pilates, Yoga, Theta Healing, READ MORE
Moises Aguilar
moy@chapalarealtors.com Constitución #14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 335-331-2611
Moy is originally from Chapala and he has lived his entire life in the area. He studied Psychology and Flight Attendants. He was working at the Mexico City Airport for 1 year. He has enough experience in customer service, having worked in the banking environment at BBVA, ACTINVER and CI BANCO. Speaking about the real estate environment, he was an assistant of 2 different Brokers, having the opport READ MORE
Monico Gutierrez Tejeda
monico@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 331-570-8962
Born and raised in Chapala, Jalisco. He lived in California for 4 years. Later he got married and now has 2 beautiful daughters and three dogs. Mónico has a degree in Business Administration, specialized on Human Resources. He worked on one of the biggest chain store of Chapala and he has always had his own small business sales related. He enjoys meeting new people and he´s proud of being part o READ MORE
Nancy Allan
nancy@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Colonia Ajijic Centro, Ajijic, Jalisco. C.P. 45920, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-766-7000 332-646-7568
I consider myself a really good listener and a first-rate problem solver. When you need help with anything involving real estate, come talk to me… see if you don’t agree. My background is in human resources, marketing, and finance. In 1998, I started Register4less.com and it’s been a great success, but an even better training ground for me.                            READ MORE
Priscila Benavides
priscila@chapalarealtors.com Constitución #14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 333-317-7870
Born and raised in Guadalajara, I lived for a few years in Colorado during most part of elementary school where I learned English. I am a biotechnology engineer, and have worked in the beauty industry in project management for 3 years.  Thanks to my background in project management, bilingual skills and my love for helping people, I can give you unique experience in helping you find a home you wi READ MORE
Rebeca Facundo
rebeca@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro C.P.45920, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-766-7000 331-252-7268
Rebeca Facundo is proud to be a part of Chapala Realtors, a trusted company in the real estate industry. As a closing executive since 2018, Rebeca states, "It allows me to provide a very personalized and dedicated service to my clients." Rebeca believes that success comes from joy and it is a pleasure to listen to her buyers and sellers to understand what they truly want and need in order to guid READ MORE
Ricardo Heckert
ricardo@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro, Chapala, Jal. C.P. 45920, Chapala, Jalisco 376-766-7000 333-174-1401
I  was born in Vancouver, British Columbia where I studied Business Administration and Marketing.  After 28 years of service related jobs I moved to Lake Chapala at the young age of 47.  Loving my life here I began blogging about my lifestyle which led me to develop websites dedicated to helping people expatriate to Lake Chapala.  Becoming a Real Estate Agent was a natural transition in assist READ MORE
Rich Varney
rich@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01(376)766-7000 331-157-1677
I fell in love with Mexico and its people when I moved here in 2009 to start a new life. Being frustrated with having no Spanish skills when I first arrived to Mexico, I was determined to be able to communicate with the Mexican community. Thanks to a great deal of patience and persistence, I’m now bilingual. I understand first-hand the challenges and, at times, the frustrations that foreigners e READ MORE
Rocio Castellanos
rocio@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro, C.P.45920, Chapala, Jalisco 376-766-7000 331-410-8389
Rocio is originally from Guadalajara and is the mother of 2 children. She's been working in real estate since 2013, and is passionate about architecture and interior design. So much so that she thoroughly enjoys her job offering the best property options to her clients.  She is bilingual and very sociable and enjoys building networks with her clients based on friendship and trust. She is empathet READ MORE
Rodrigo De Alba
rodrigo@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro C.P.45920, Chapala, Jalisco 376-766-7000 333-170-0663
Rodrigo have lived in different areas of Mexico and in Germany, since 25 years ago he settled in the Lake Chapala Area. He is the owner of a well know business in the Gastronomy since then. He speaks fluently four languages, graduated from the University Tec de Monterrey with the degree of Business Administration and Economics. He is very well informed about Mexico´s Economy, Social and Politics READ MORE
Rosy Gutierrez
rosyg@chapalarealtors.com Constitucion #14, Ajijic Centro C.P.45920, Ajijic, Jalisco 376-766-7000 331-741-5315
Rosy Gutierrez is originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco; she is very involved with the Ribera de Chapala since she was a child and have been working in the area for 16 years through the American Express company. She currently has an experience of 4 years as a real estate agent, always thinking about the need of customers and transmitting the passion for her work is how she helps find the house of t READ MORE
Shelley Armstrong
shelley@chapalarealtors.com Constitución #14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 331-079-5545
Shelley was born and raised north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After graduating from college with a degree in Interior Design she relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia then Toronto before settling in London Ontario. In 2011 she made the move to Chapala, Mexico. Here she was able to do a job she loves. Working as a pet sitter Lakeside enabled her to spend her days playing with dogs, cats and bi READ MORE
Sherry Carter
sherry@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 333-408-4939
Sherry Carter was born and raised in El Paso, Texas where she first fell in love with Mexico and the Mexican people.She moved to the Lake Chapala area fulfilling her goal to retire in “paradise”. Sherry had planned to retire, but after selling homes for over 30 years in the Seattle-Bellevue area, she missed the excitement of meeting new people and finding the one home that is just right for th READ MORE
Thomas Hellyer - Broker
thomas@thomashellyer.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 331-193-9637
Thomas Hellyer is considered to be a bi-cultural expert with a strong analytical aptitude combined with a calm, forthright, and honest demeanor. His command of the Spanish language and the intricacies of Mexican real estate make him an ideal person to guide you through the process of making your dreams of living and /or investing in Mexico an exciting reality. Thomas is originally from Lake Chelan READ MORE
Travis Ashby
travis@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01(376)766-7000 331-526-3334
  Travis was born and raised in Southern California and began traveling to Mexico as soon as he was old enough to drive. Upon graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara, he embarked on a successful 28 year career in advertising as copywriter/Creative Director, which translated to living and working in Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Seattle. After alm READ MORE
Viviana Sanchez
viviana@chapalarealtors.com Constitución 14, Ajijic, Jalisco 01 (376) 766-7000 331-302-9504
Viviana was born in Guadalajara, she moved to lakeside 18 years ago. She studied to be a chemistry teacher but her real passion is sales. Several years ago she was the broker's assistant and also a successful Real Estate Agent accomplishing record sales in her office in 2013. She enjoys outdoors activities and sports like volleyball and lakeside is the perfect place to enjoy these activities. Peop READ MORE

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