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Century 21 AccessMex
Century 21 AccessMex
Chula Vista #10-A, Fracc Chulavista, Chapala, Jalisco, 45900
Office Hours: M-F 9-5 Sat. 9-2


www.century21accessmex.com We are a Mexican Company, operating in the Lakeside Real Estate Market since September 19th, 1979, and as part of the CENTURY 21 International System since November 15th, 1989. We are the second established Real Estate Office at Lakeside.

Our bilingual agents know the rules and laws to buy and sell properties in the Country of Mexico, comprehension of Spanish enable us to interpret any Real Estate Mexican legal document.

CENTURY 21 is recognized as the Largest and Most Successful Real Estate Network in México and in the World with more than 8,400 offices in 45 Countries connecting buyers, sellers and Real Estate professionals around the globe!

Our vision, to provide the best client servicing available, respecting our client’s time, using a base of experience, knowledge, tools and training to build lifetime clients.

Office location: On highway, across from OXXO Chula Vista, close to San Antonio. We have easy and ample parking for our clients.

Let us show you how easy your Real Estate transaction can be, consider us as your best option to professionally handle the sale, purchase or rent of property.

"The Name You Know, The Service You Trust”


Company's Properties
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Company's Agents
Adrián Galarza
adrian@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 331 838 1075
Adrián Galarza is a passionate real estate agent whose goal is to guarantee his customers’ satisfaction (sellers or buyers) through service that is thoroughly attentive, transparent, and fair. You will always receive cordial treatment and truthful information, a useful tool that will help you make the most accurate decisions when buying or selling property. Adrián was born in Guadalajara and g READ MORE
Adriana Diaz
adriana@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 332 332 2779
I was born in Mexico City and looking for a better quality of life, my husband and I decided to move to the Ribera de Chapala. We think it is one of the best areas of the country to live in complete harmony with nature and in an atmosphere of peace. Currently my husband and I form a great work team. We are very proud to belong to the best Century 21 Office. We are the number 1 sales office in Mex READ MORE
Alicia Gómez
alicia@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco (376) 766-2614 331 466 9839
I am Alicia Gomez, I have more than 20 years of experience in the real estate market, it will be a pleasure to assist you with an efficient, honest service and the best attitude. READ MORE
Alix Wilson
wilsonali@century21accessmex.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 33 1265 5078
  One of Lakeside’s leading real estate agents, Alix Wilson has an enviable reputation of record-breaking sales success founded on her straightforward approach, her intrinsic understanding of people and her specialized customer service. Well known for her individualized high level of service to vendors and buyers, Alix rates communication as a vital key to successful sales results. Taking th READ MORE
Carlos Andrade
carlos@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 33 3400 0838
Native of Guadalajara, where I got a degree in Tourism at the University of Guadalajara.Have lived at the Lake Chapala area for the last 7 years.I am bilingual and a certified tour guide, which allows me to know perfectly thelakeside area plus attractive areas in Jalisco.Public Relations and my sphere of influence are my tools to get a wide database of potential clients interested in buying or sel READ MORE
Cindy Martin
cindymartin@century21accessmex.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 332 236 1852
Ready to help! READ MORE
Constanza Perez Verdía
constanza@century21accessmex.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 333 171 8947
I have lived in lake Chapala area for 18 years, surrounded  of its magestic mountains, with beautiful lake views . I am married, and a have 2 children, they also love living here. For me, family is the richness of life.Also all my life, have always been  passionate about sales . I´ve been  brodcaster on televisa Radio for 9 years and I have sold all my programs with the highest ratings and spo READ MORE
Cristi Rojas (Broker)
rojascristi@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 33 3129 7465
Lakeside agent since '91. Specialist in untangling Real Estate knots. Born in Guadalajara, related to one of the oldest families of Lake Chapala, 2nd. generation of realtors in the area. Mother of two young kids & fulltime career in Real Estate since 1991 supported by the ability to turn clients into long last friends. Well known, honest & hard working broker, bilingual, capable & se READ MORE
Eduardo Espindola
eduardo@century21accessmex.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 331 221 5129
I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, later I migrated to Canadá in 2002 with the intention of returning to the Lake Chapala area. I returned to México in 2014 and built my Home Animal Sanctuary, Casa Vegana México, in Santa Cruz de la Soledad. I am bilingual, honest, hardworking, knowledgeable and always prepared to help you with your Lakeside Real Estate quetions and needs. READ MORE
Elena Cabral
elena@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 33 3476 5292
I am a new sales agent with Century21. I have a clear projection of my goals and what I want to accomplish, to be obtained based on my main strengths: positive, responsible, lots of initiative and persistence. My clients goals are my goals! Born in a small village named Cocula, Jalisco; the land of mariachi, married, & mother of two; I enjoy living in this beautiful area with its landscape READ MORE
Gina Manos
gina@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco (376) 766-2614 331 328 6995
Héctor Escamilla
hector@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 33 1415 8053
I was born in México City, grew up in Guadalajara. I have been involved in Real Estate as a child, having a mom as Real Estate Agent. I actually helped her several times for fun as a teenager and later in 2001, -now as a father of 3 children- worked for her 2 years as one of her agents selling properties in Guadalajara. Constantly working and involved in Customer Services related with major compa READ MORE
Isaac Uribe
c21rentas@c21chapala.com Chula Vista 10-A, Fracc. Chula Vista, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 766.26.12 / 13 / 14 3316045758
I was born in 1984 in Guadalajara Jalisco. Only child of parents dedicated to real estate for more than 30 years. Working in my young days in my parents’ agency, I managed to pay for my studies and travel on 4 continents, which gave me the experience of being in contact with different cultures and customs.Graduated as Psychoanalysts and post-graduated in philosophy, anthropology and sociology, I READ MORE
Isaí Alcantar
isai@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A,, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 33 3128 5743
I was born and raised in Chapala, of hardworking parents and with a service attitude. I have always been sure that Chapala is a magnificent place to live, whoever gets to know it falls in love with this little place of love. My life experience here will project what your life will be like in the new home that you acquire hand in hand with my team of professionals at Century21 AccessMex. I like to READ MORE
José Manuel Covarrubias
covame@century21accessmex.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 332 215 2377
Ready to help! READ MORE
José Orozco
joseorozco@century21accessmex.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 33 1533 2659
I was born in Guadalajara, Jal., I grew up in Mexico City. I studied Business Administration at the Universidad Iberoamericana. I have a master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Southern California (USC). Bilingual, Spanish and English. I have extensive professional experience in areas such as Finance, Administration and Sales. I have worked in different Mexican and READ MORE
Juan J. Gonzalez
juan@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 33 1113 0690
Juan Jose Gonzalez was born in San Juan Cosala, a small village which is part of the Chapala Lakeside, proudly Mexican. At eight years old he migrated to Albuquerque, New Mexico in the USA, where he lived for more than two years, enough time to learn a new language that would reap many benefits later. At the age of 18 he was fortunate to enough work with a foreign constructor in the management an READ MORE
Mónica Sotelo
monica@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 7662612 /13 /14 +52 1 33 1723 0361
I am originally from Guadalajara, enthusiastic and intuitive, very attentive to listen and attend your specific needs. Graphic designer by profession, dedicated for more than 20 years to graphic arts, market studies and development of advertising projects, always in contact with people, identifying their concerns and ideas to finally shape them, also, I apply my experience in the real estate marke READ MORE
Noemi Flores Lomelí
noemi@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco (376) 7662612 /13 /14 331 755 1129
I am a very active person I have always been very sociable, honest, very responsible and punctual, I have lived in different parts of the world and that has given me a lot of perspective in how I treat others, I have a wonderful and fun family, my husband and my three children give me all their love and support to do my job as a consultant that I love!I am an expert in the area because I have been READ MORE
Pablo Cabral
pablo@century21accessmex.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 1 33 1424 1667
As a professional in the Real Estate business my goal is to represent at the best my clients interests wether they are buying or selling a property. Provide them with the most accurate property market information in order to have a solid foundation to take the best decisions. My preparation is based on an International Commerce degree at ITESO University in Guadalajara and as well a diploma/cer READ MORE
Paty de la Mora
paty@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco 766-2612 333-157-8536
Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, I decided to come to the Chapala Riviera permanently in 2016 to enjoy beautiful views, peace and the hospitality of the people.I am part of Century 21  AccessMex, it has been a wonderful opportunity to continue my real estate career which began in 1989 in the mortgage area of Mexican National Bank. Later, in 1991 successfully entered the areas of construction READ MORE
Tete Avelar
tete@c21chapala.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A,, Chapala, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 33 3489 2470
Tony Díaz
tony@century21accessmex.com Calle Chula Vista #10-A, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco, Ajijic, Jalisco (376) 766 2612 / 13 / 14 +52 33 1109 16 64
Soy originario del área de la Rivera de Chapala con 14 años de experiencia en Real State. Mi principal objetivo es darle todas las herramientas necesarias para tomar una decisión correcta a la hora de obtener el que seria su Nuevo Hogar. Tenga por seguro que haré todo lo mayormente posible por tener respuestas a todas sus preguntas al respecto.  READ MORE

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